May letters of inquiry be sent to the Foundation?

No, all inquiries should be directed to Foundation staff via email or phone.

May individuals apply for scholarships or personal grants?

The Foundation does not issue grants or any other funding to individuals. Requests are only considered from tax exempt (501(c) (3)) organizations. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals.

When are the deadlines for solicited grant submission?

Requests are considered two times per year:

  1. May, with an application deadline of April 15th
  2. October, with an application deadline of September 15th

What types of grants does the Foundation support?

The Foundation directs its support towards four main areas. Education, Individual, Family and Community Intervention, Animal Awareness, and Health. While Foundation support is not exclusive to this list, the giving history of the Foundation reflects a strong focus in these areas.

What is an appropriate amount to request when submitting a request?

A requested amount is entirely dependent upon the nature of the organization and the project for which funds are being requested. The proposed budget for the project is considered as well.

May an organization request updates from the Foundation before the review process has been completed?

Although questions prior to submissions are welcomed, the Foundation does not comment on the status of proposals during the approval process. The Foundation acknowledges receipt of proposals and notifies organizations immediately upon final standing.

May videos, CDs or cassettes be sent as additional information?

It is requested that materials of this nature not be sent.

If notified that the Foundation had approved a grant, when can an organization expect funding?

Payment on a grant approved in May can be expected no later than June 30th, and those approved in October can be expected no later than November 30th. If payment will not be delivered in that timeframe, a Foundation associate will contact the organization.